Billionaire Island’s Bride by Judy Angelo


“Do I look like I’m joking?”  His grip tightened round her. “You’re mine and you can keep digging up all the skeletons you want.  You’ll never scare me off.  You’re never going to get away from me, Erin.  You’re trapped with me on this island.  I’ll hide your passport if I have to.” – Dare Desouza


Truth be told, I don’t know why I was still reading this series, because the first two books , sucks is horrible.

Maybe I was waiting for that book that will redeem the series and the 3rd installment did that for me.

Okay granted, the hero is a kind of jerk, I mean I don’t know whats worse, kicking out someone after you had sex with her or having sex with someone because you think they know who you are.

He sends her out! then later realizes he need to see her one more time, only to find out that she’s carrying his child.

Fuck don’t tell me you can’t find someone who’ll love you not because of your wealth, when you keep on reminding everyone how powerful and wealthy you are. And for the record- it’s never a good idea to threaten your soon to be wife.

and Robyn sucks! why the hell was Erin friends with her anyway? she’s such as sweet cough slut cough  person. well, I don’t feel bad that her mom dies (just kidding) you’ll know why at the end.

well all is well! They got stuck in this storm, which conveniently solves Dare’s financial problem, but he get clobbered by flying things so Erin had to drag him, resulting to early pregnancy (later, after they made love again *consummated their marriage after six months) and a weak baby. (this is the part, that I think was too past paced for me.)

but other than that, this installment made me want to read the next one! (maybe Judy is getting better as she adds installments)

ps: THE BIG SECRET- isn’t big at all


Abbi Glines’s Because Of Low


Abbi Glines

I had to start writing about something/someone.

so, “A”

A is for Abbi Glines. I’m a total fan of her works. Sometimes I think that it shouldn’t be on YA category, I mean man! the steamy sex are all over the place.

A is also for awesome! that is the only way to describe her characters (some of it anyway).

B is for Because of Low

and C is for Characters

The series, Sea breeze is Amazing! especially “Because of Low” – It’s the second installment of the series, after being heart broken that Sadie chose the rockstar Jax, Marcus finds love.

The truth be told I didn’t love Sadie and Jax as much as I love Low and Marcus-  They have this pull that reader’s can’t resist. Marcus is very sweet and charming, then he’s so hot at the same time! but don’t get me wrong, he is not perfect, especially when he’s drunk.

And then there’s Willow, of all the sea breeze characters, Willow is so surreal! I mean it, every decision she makes is never out of her character. She’s very dependent to Cage, but that doesn’t stop when she wants something, sure its comforting to know that you have a safety net, but she takes it to another level. She takes chances, very forgiving, I know that that makes her look so weak, but aren’t we all like that? When we are in love?

Then there’s Cage, fact is this story didn’t seem to be a cliche love triangle, because from the start. Willow knew why Cage is protective of her, she know He had hero complex when It came to her, but Cage is not in-love with her, sure Cage love her but not that kind of love, and even though He keeps on saying that He will marry Low, it didn’t matter. It was never that kind of love.

Then then, there’s everyone else, from Low’s Sister, Low’s niece, Marcus’ mother and Marcus’s sister and Marcus’s Half sister.

I had to summarize this one, So someone got Low’s sister pregnant, a married man. who turns out to be Marcus’s dad; I know! but I mean it you must Must! read Because of Low! Grab it NOW!